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Some Early And Really Good ACC Previews

Good stuff from one of our favorite sites

North Carolina Introduce Hubert Davis
CHAPEL HILL, NC - APRIL 6: UNC Men’s basketball head coach Hubert Davis during his introductory press conference at Dean E. Smith Center on April 6, 2021 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

We really appreciated the previews that did last season and were looking forward to this year’s versions.

They’re currently counting down their Top Forty and so far, from the ACC, they’ve done Virginia Tech, Virginia, Louisville, Florida State and most recently UNC.

We’ll just link to the other ones for now and look more at UNC since that’s the most interesting situation in the ACC this season.

This review is really positive for UNC but there is one spot that will irritate Tar Heel fans immensely (we’ll come back to it).

The basic conclusion?

Davis will not get a honeymoon period and will need to win immediately. His team is basically built for that and will diverge significantly from the Dean Smith/Roy Williams template by loosening up on three point shooting and not reflexively keeping big guys in the paint.

The key though is Caleb Love. He was rocky last year but if he can find his level UNC will prosper.

Now that part we mentioned before... For Davis, this Tar Heel lineage sits at the epicenter of his program redesign, which is exemplified in his staff’s construction. Despite throwing a couple jabs at the arch nemesis a few miles down the road, Davis is cozying up to his own version of Duke’s ‘all in the family’ mentality.

The writer, Matt Cox, then goes on to explain exactly how UNC is copying Duke’s in-house concept...without acknowledging that Smith built the UNC Family concept from the 1960s until nearly the 21st century.

Our guess is that he’s fairly young and not aware of everything Smith hardwired into his program. That’s forgivable of course, but more so for Duke fans than for UNC partisans.

Anyway, it’s a pretty good preview. We’ll look at the others soon.

In general, we’re really impressed with their previews and recommend them to you guys. They do a great job.