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JJ Redick On His Plans For Next Season

He’s waiting for the right team to come calling, but only after the season starts

Dallas Mavericks v Cleveland Cavaliers
CLEVELAND, OHIO - MAY 09: JJ Redick #17 of the Dallas Mavericks shoots over Damyean Dotson #21 of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the second half at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on May 09, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Mavericks defeated the Cavaliers 124-97.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

JJ Redick is 37 now, which makes him just about as close to 50 as it does to 25 (Christmas Eve, officially and it’s downhill from there).

Given his rigorous training habits and immensely admirable professionalism, he could conceivably play a few more years, but most likely he’s got one or two left.

And the way he’s talking, although we could be reading into this a bit, it seems more like one.

Redick is a free agent and he now says he’ll wait to sign until the season starts:

“Just taking my time I feel no rush to make any sort of decision on next season. And I felt that way when the season ended, and I feel that way now. My focus right now is just hanging with my family and enjoying the offseason. And we’ll make a decision on next season—what team, what city, etc.—probably sometime in the next two or three months. But, you know, I would say, pretty much definitively, like, I won’t be in a training camp to start the season. That’s not gonna happen. So, you know, I’ll join a team at some point this season and finish the year and try to go get a chip. That’s the plan.”

For some teams, that could be a problem, at least with some players, but Redick, as we said, has superb work habits, which is how he has lasted to an age when most players have long since called it quits.

So yes, there will be a demand for Redick as the season gets going and he has a great chance to wind up on a championship contender.