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Can Jose Alvarado Prove His Doubters Wrong Again?

This guy is relentless

Virginia Tech v Georgia Tech
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 9: Jose Alvarado #10 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets reacts to a call during the game against the Virginia Tech Hokies at McCamish Pivilion on January 9, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

When Jose Alvarado signed with Georgia Tech, we said that he was probably not going to be an NBA player but that Tech had a four-year point guard and that would pay dividends.

Well we were mostly right.

Alvarado is on a two-way deal with the Pelicans and in Summer League play, just like at Georgia Tech, he’s punching above his weight.

This site says that he’s bringing a ton of energy and passion to his team. Check this out:

“News that went virtually unnoticed in New Orleans was the signing of Alvarado to a two-way deal at the end of July. That will change soon though, Alvarado has brought an infectious (the rare good infection right now) level of energy and effort to Las Vegas.

“When Alvarado is on the floor it seems like his teammates get a boost from playing with someone who just relentlessly hounds opposing guards. This display of passion and commitment to the little things is crucial for the recent draftees on the Pels roster. Guys like Trey Murphy III, Herb Jones, and Kira Lewis Jr need to study how Alvarado approaches each game because when their shot isn’t falling, defense and effort will be what keeps them on the court.”

We couldn’t possibly understate the respect this guy deserves. We’d love it if he made the Pelicans and kept being, well, Jose Alvarado. Because honestly, if you had an army of Jose Alvarados you could conquer the world.