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Coach K Speaks At The K Academy

Lots of insightful info.

NCAA Basketball: Duke’s Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski Press Conference Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Mike Krzyzewski met virtually with the press before the start of his annual K Academy, and the DBR Podcast was there to capture it all on Episode 334! Coach K jumped on to discuss his summer and some of the ups and downs of his final summer as Duke’s head coach. We discuss some of his best and most intriguing answers from the media, from how he’s been able to bond with his team to personal loss his family experienced over the summer. More importantly, you can tell that K is ready to take on his final season and has been investing most of his time into this team.

We also had a few others on the press conference. Joey Baker, Wendell Moore, Jeremy Roach, and Amile Jefferson all took questions from the media, and we have some of the best soundbites they produced as well. It’s a very entertaining episode of reactions, but if you aren’t excited about this upcoming season yet, we guarantee that Coach, Joey, Wendell and Amile will get you excited!