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Duke Recruiting: Dariq Whitehead Announces Today

Will he be Jon Scheyer’s second big commitment?

City Of Palms Classic
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 19: Dariq Whitehead #0 of Montverde Academy is introduced during the City of Palms Classic at Suncoast Credit Union Arena on December 19, 2019 in Fort Myers, Florida.
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Today is August 1st and that’s the day that Dariq Whitehead will announce where he’s playing next year.

He is down to Duke, Florida State and Kansas, and on Saturday announced that G-League Ignite had also offered, reportedly $500,000.

For some situations, that would make sense. But Duke has a lot of advantages over the G-League. We’re sure Kansas and FSU do as well, but we don’t know their situations as well as we do Duke’s.

Duke has cutting edge training facilities, superb medical care and an environment that the G-League, in its wildest dreams, can’t touch.

A few weeks ago, anyone would have said, well, the G-League pays more. With NIL, we’re not sure that’s going to be true now. Whitehead will have plenty of opportunities to make money at Duke, and just as importantly, he’ll be in the public eye. In many ways, NIL is tailor-made for Duke because it is the most prominent program in the country with the most electric venue in the country. Whitehead could clean up on social media and various other ways while he builds a national brand. That’s not something you can really do in the G-League, because no matter how you cut it, the G-League is a minor league.

All that said, since we got sucked into the Harrison Barnes show when he announced, we’ve never gotten overly excited about a player announcement.

We hope he chooses Duke and would love to see him in Cameron. Whatever he decides though, he seems like a quality person. We hope he enjoys his big day.