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YouTube Gold: A Mainline Injection Of 1980’s ACC Nostalgia

An ACC area classic

University of Maryland vs University of North Carolina
Michael Jordan and Len Bias in the mid-1980’s

It would be impossible for people who weren’t watching the ACC in the 1980s to understand what a big fire hose of kick-ass nostalgia we’re about to inject into the minds of ACC fans who were.

But for those who were watching back then, when the Pilot Life ads came on and the Pilot Life song hit your TV, it was more or less like being a lab rat and getting a hit of something that hit the pleasure center dead center.

It was just the best ad.

Or so it seemed.

Now it looks pretty grainy and a bit old-fashioned, somewhat like the Old Spice or the Hi Karate ads of the same era.

But it’s the connections that matter. It’s the ACC in an era when you saw Ralph Sampson, Michael Jordan, Johnny Dawkins, Len Bias.

It was a brilliant era of basketball and, as we said, the Pilot Life song, for many, is going to be a powerful and emotional bit of nostalgia. We’ve run it before and should probably proclaim a yearly Pilot Life Day.