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Duke Recruiting: Kyle Filipowski Update

Here’s how a UNC site sees it

Jr. NBA World Championship - Northeast Regional
ARDSLEY, NEW YORK - JULY 1: Kyle Filipowski #22 of the 6th Boro Hoops shoots the ball against the Seaford Heat during the Jr. NBA World Championship Northeast Regional on July 1, 2018 at House of Sports in Ardsley, New York. 
Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

A lot of people are seeing rising young big man Kyle Filipowski as a Duke lean but of course nothing is definite yet. However, here’s an interesting piece from KeepingItHeel that tells us a few things.

First, that they too see Filipowski as a Duke lean and second, that UNC, after a brief evaluation, offered him as well.

Pretty clearly he’s come on fast and a lot of programs, by which we mean elite programs, are interested. There’s going to be a lot of competition for Duke.

Here’s how 247Sports National Recruiting Director Eric Bossi sees him: “He’s got the type of frame that will be able to carry more weight without costing him athleticism or flexibility. The key with Filipowski is that he blends skill with some toughness and a great motor. He was running the floor, played strong around the rim, showed that he can shoot comfortably from behind the three-point line and he crashed the glass.”

Duke of course has a long tradition of guys like Filipowski: Danny Ferry, Christian Laettner, Shane Battier, Kyle Singler and Matthew Hurt all played similar roles for the Blue Devils. He’ll have a tailor-made role at Duke if he wants it.