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Duke Recruiting: An Update From The Chronicle

Some very intriguing prospects

Duke Basketball Open Practice
Future Duke head coach Jon Scheyer is working on his first recruiting class for the Blue Devils
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The Duke Chronicle has a rundown on Duke’s current recruiting situation and prospects, focusing on Dariq Whitehead,Dereck Liveley, Mark Mitchell, Kyle Filipowski, JJ Starling and Anthony Black.

Whitehead, a 6-6 forward playing at Montverde, is going to announce August 1st and has described himself as a major Duke fan growing up.

Liveley is a 7-1 big from Cam Reddish’s high school who is apparently not close to a decision but all the big programs are after him.

Mitchell, a 6-8 Kansan, is naturally linked to the Jayhawks but also has looked into several other schools, including Duke.

Filipowski has gotten a lot of Duke-centric buzz but nothing concrete yet obviously.

Starling is a 6-0 point guard from Indiana, and if we remember correctly, Duke hasn’t gotten a player from that state since Josh McRoberts and not many before that.

Finally, Anthony Black has come on more recently. A multi-sport star, his father Terry played at Baylor.