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YouTube Gold: A Great Stephen Curry Story

From former teammate Andre Iguodala

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Golden State Warriors
 May 21, 2021; San Francisco, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) shoots the basketball against Memphis Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks (24) during the third quarter at Chase Center. 
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Iguodala stopped by JJ Redick’s The Old Man & the Three and told a story about his Golden State teammate Stephen Curry going on a legendary shooting jag in a team scrimmage. Iguodala said he probably scored about 25 points in seven minutes and just wasn't missing.

It got to the point where he shoved Curry even though Curry was on his team - he said he forgot - and Shawn Livingston just stopped in the middle of the scrimmage and said “I ain’t never seen nothing like this before.”

He went on to talk about how another NBA player was observing Curry during a game when his team had a significant lead and thought...uh-oh...he’s about to go off.

And Curry, with the help of Klay Thomas, cut the lead down to size and then propelled the Warriors in front, helping to lock down a play-off victory.

People who are lucky enough to have seen Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell saw something extraordinary. So were people who saw Magic, Bird, Jordan and Olajuwon. More recently we got to see Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant.

People who have been able to witness the Stephen Curry era, and to see him redefine what is possible as a shooter, are just as lucky. As everyone agrees here, Curry has been amazing.