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Duke Recruiting: Kentucky Offers Kyle Filipowski

As the young big man’s stock seems to be on a vertical curve

Jr. NBA World Championship - Northeast Regional
ARDSLEY, NEW YORK - JULY 1: Kyle Filipowski #22 of the 6th Boro Hoops drives to the basket against the Seaford Heat during the Jr. NBA World Championship Northeast Regional on July 1, 2018 at House of Sports in Ardsley, New York
Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Predictions are useless until something happens, but nonetheless,pretty much everywhere you look, people seem to think Kyle Filipowski is Duke-bound.

But you don't get to where John Calipari is today without trying, and on Monday he offered Filipowski a scholarship.

Would he bite? Maybe. It’s really hard to know what anyone else’s priorities are, much less an 18-year-old who is getting courted by everyone in the country now.

And of course NIL changes things. Kentucky, being in Lexington, where pulling for any other program can get you some heat (and pulling for Duke might get you run out of town), will allow athletes and especially basketball players to make some major money (although in fairness, BBN has helped Kentucky basketball players get rich for decades).

But on the other hand, Duke is the biggest national brand in college basketball and Filipowski is on record saying that while NIL is a good thing, he’s more focused on an education.

So there’s still no guarantee he comes to Duke, but it’s hard to imagine a better combination of high-level basketball and academics for someone with his priorities.