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Shane Battier Update: A Major Career Move

As he steps away from the game for a very different opportunity

Miami Heat v Golden State Warriors
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - FEBRUARY 10: Shane Battier attends the game between the Miami Heat and the Golden State Warriors on February 10, 2020 at Chase Center in San Francisco, California
Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

As we move into the final season of the Krzyzewski Era at Duke, we’re going to see tons of lists: greatest games! best players! best classes!

And on and on.

Well what about most interesting players?

On that basis, it’s hard to get past Shane Battier, who has always had an aura of intelligence and immense potential along with a bit of mystery.

He was a phenomenal interview and endeared himself to Duke fans for a lifetime.

Until recently he’s worked for the Miami Heat but recently he took a new job and it’s a very interesting one. Fellow Duke grad Matt Christensen’s late dad Clayton used to preach about disruption and Battier may have joined a very disruptive company. promises a new way to search, by using natural language. Think of Star Trek, where Federation officers just asked the computer a question in natural language. That’s what Yext is working on.

There’s been a lot of anxiety over Big Tech having too much power but the best answer to that, if possible, is a better solution. If Yext has a better product than Google, Google may end up a bigger Alta Vista, a memory of something that once was but is no more.

Anyway, it’s an interesting move by Battier, who is now on the board and intelligent enough to help move the company in a smart direction.