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Duke Recruiting: An Elite Shooter Offered

With comparisons to Jon Scheyer and JJ Redick no less

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The Cameron Crazies and DIckie V would love to see Jaden Schutt in Cameron! file

When JJ Redick was 12, he watched the Laettner Game - Duke vs. Kentucky in the 1992 Eastern Regional Finals - and after seeing Laettner run his sword through through the STILL BEATING HEART OF THE ENTIRE STATE OF KENTUCKY (sorry, it’s still exciting) , told his dad that he was going to play basketball at Duke.

When we heard that story, we wondered if Redick would someday also inspire a young player to come to Duke.

Well, halfway there: turns out that a young, similarly sized guard from Illinois, Jaden Schutt (6-5/2022), who has caught the attention of a number of major programs recently, including Redick’s alma mater, Duke.

And now Duke has offered.

We don’t know if Schutt will accept it or not, but his future coach, Jon Scheyer, has also been used for a comparison. And of course he's from Illinois as well.

If he does it would be nice though, a wonderful circle that has come back around.

And as you read this article, you’ll find first that he’s uncommonly disciplined, much, much more so than Redick was at the same age. And second, Duke likes to recruit from basketball/athletic families, figuring that that cuts the learning curve pretty dramatically. And Schutt’s father, Jeff, has been active in his development and in summer camps.

So this is a good one to keep an eye on.