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Duke Recruiting: Tyler Nickel

A long-time UNC fan, he’s looking at where things are best for him.

Livingstone v Duke
Future Duke coach Jon Scheyer, shown here with Brandon Ingram, is interested in high school star Tyler Nickel
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Here’s another name you can add it into the recruiting hopper to keep an eye on: Tyler Nickel.

A 6-7 junior, Nickel averaged 35 points, five dimes (sorry, couldn’t help it) and 11 boards as a junior.

A potential obstacle: the Alabama native grew up a UNC fan: “I just loved watching them play and a lot of my friends were fans of UNC too,” Nickel told “Getting that offer was probably the most surreal moment in my recruitment so far. Now, I’m mature enough to know that can’t be it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the best place for me. I’m 100% gonna choose the best place for me...I feel like I’ve been trying to be low key and not seem too overwhelmed or excited with things. But my family and friends keep telling me to enjoy it and they’re right. Getting offers and calls from the schools that I grew up watching is big so I’m just having fun with it right now. I’ll know a lot more after the visits, and I may cut the list down after that.”

So we’ll have to wait and see, as we always do.