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YouTube Gold: Shaquille O’Neal’s Impressive Three Point Shooting

Who knew?

Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls
 Basketball: Aerial view of Los Angeles Lakers Shaquille O’Neal (34) in action, dunking vs Chicago Bulls at Staples Center. Los Angeles, CA 2/1/1998 
Set Number: X54404 TK2 R16 F9

To the best of our memory, Shaquille O’Neal came through the Triangle twice. He played in the US Olympic Trials before he was regarded as an inevitable great, and he played at Duke during the Christian Laettner years, when Laettner just went outside and shot over O’Neal, who never really figured out how to guard a jump shooter.

He never figured out how to take one either, not that it mattered. At 7-1, around 300 lbs. and powerfully athletic, why would he have to? He just mowed over people in the paint and dared them to guard him. Not many could. He just rolled over everyone who tried to, with only a few exceptions.

In fact, O’Neal’s focus in the lane was nearly total but here is an interesting clip of his career three pointers. It’s probably not something you ever thought of. Then again it won’t take much of your day to watch.