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Another Reddish? Yes, And He May Surprise

Aaron Reddish is on the way and it sounds like he might turn out okay too

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Michigan State vs Duke
Mar 31, 2019; Washington, DC, USA; Cam Reddish, left, had a big reputation coming out of high school. His brother Aaron does not but that doesn't necessarily mean much.
Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously the worst thing about the pandemic has been the death and suffering. Like any terrible event, you wonder who was lost? Would someone have found the cure for cancer? A physics breakthrough? Or just someone who might have been a really good person and who might have affected many people in many ways.

Like World War II, which continues to give us astonishing new stories 76 years after it ended, Covid-19 will be with us for a long time as we begin to learn how it affected people and changed lives.

Take Aaron Reddish, for instance. His brother, Cam, came out of high school and went to Duke, where he was terrific. He went to Atlanta as the #10 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and is developing into a solid player.

As his mother says though, Aaron’s path has been different.

The family followed Cam to Georgia and Aaron has now been to four schools in four years. Toss in Covid and he enters college as a virtual unknown.

He’s at Albany, where a new coach and a new system means he’ll get a shot to prove himself early. We hope he has a great run there and ultimately joins his brother in the NBA.

Actually, come to think of it, that would make him part of an interesting trivia question: aside from the Reddishes, what sets of NBA brothers included at least one that went to Duke?

We can think of the Brothers Plumlee, Curry and Jones, but it feels like we’re forgetting someone.