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YouTube Gold: Andrew Toney

A wonderful player who saw a career shortened by injuries

Philadelphia 76ers v Washington Bullets
Andrew Toney was a devastating scorer in Philadelphia’s early 80’s teams.

Philly failed badly in the 1977 finals when Bill Walton and the Trailblazers basically dismantled them.

The Sixers had a brilliant talent in Julius Erving and a few years later, they had surrounded him with Bobby Jones, Mo Cheeks, Moses Malone and Andrew Toney.

Toney was a slight guard but he could really go off and did so so predictably against the Boston Celtics that the media started calling him the Boston Strangler.

In Game 7 in the 1982 Eastern Conference Finals he racked up 34 points. He had 30 points in Game 2, 39 points in Game 4 and averaged 26.4 points over the seven games. Clearly, neither Danny Ainge nor Gerald Henderson, Sr., could touch him.

He was one of the great offensive players of his era and might be more highly regarded than he is but Toney had serious injury problems and his career only lasted seven years.

He’s still fun to watch.