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Duke Brotherhood Playoff Watch: Bucks Gore Hawks 125-91

But Cam Reddish is back

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2021 NBA Playoffs - Atlanta Hawks v Milwaukee Bucks
After a long absence due to injury, Cam Reddish is back for the Atlanta Haws

If you decide you’re going to play the villain, then you better play well, even - maybe even especially - when your team is getting clocked.

Atlanta’s Trae Young couldn’t do it though, scoring just 15 points, hitting just one three from behind the line and racking up an insane nine turnovers. Nine! He only played 28 minutes so that’s one about every three minutes in Atlanta’s 125-91 loss to Milwaukee.

On the bright side, as much as you can have one in a 34 point loss, Cam Reddish finally got back on the court and the Duke product did reasonably well considering he’s been out since February.

Reddish played 17 minutes and scored 11, hitting 1-3 from outside and 4-10 overall. He also had zero turnovers. If it had been a tight game they might have waited, but in a blowout like that, giving him minutes makes a lot of sense. What is there to lose?

On Saturday, Luke Kennard and the LA Clippers get the Phoenix Suns again. Suns-in-four ain’t happening but it should be a fun game.