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YouTube Gold: Indiana’s 1984 Sweet Sixteen Upset Of UNC

Still a stuner

Michael Jordan in College Basketball Action
Indiana’s Dan Dakich defending UNC’s Michael Jordan

By 1984, Bob Knight’s reputation was set: an authentic basketball genius who led Indiana to a two-year record of 63-1 when he was just 36.

But he had also established the other side of his personality, his self-destructive bullying and fits of rage.

People knew that he was immensely capable though and in 1984, when his young Hoosiers met UNC and Michael Jordan, Knight was ready.

He had Steve Alford, Mike Giomi, Marty Simmons and Uwe Blab, who was one of Mike Krzyzewski’s early misses at Duke. He also had Dan Dakich.

UNC had Jordan, Sam Perkins, Brad Daugherty, Matt Doherty and Kenny Smith.

This game was played with no shot clock and no three point shot (the line was for the Atlanta Hawks).

In a striking upset, Indiana knocked off the 28-2 Tar Heels 72-68 and Dakich helped hold Jordan to a mere 13 points. It was the final game at UNC for Jordan, Perkins and Doherty and still ranks as one of Knight’s finest career wins.