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Supreme Court Hands The NCAA An Historic Loss

The amateurism model is no more

San Diego State v Stanford
The 9-0 Supreme Court NCAA decision Monday was a major score for opponents of the NCAA’s amateurism model
Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

Every so often, if you’re lucky, you wake up and the world has completely changed. In 1989, for instance, the world had the great pleasure of watching young people swarm the Berlin Wall and take it down.

We’re not comparing Monday’s Supreme Court decision on the NCAA’s amateurism model to that, but we wouldn’t blame student-athletes if they did.

The NCAA ruled, and unanimously, that the NCAA cannot limit education-related benefits for D-I basketball and football players.

Presumably it’s not limited to D-I basketball and football too.

We don't know what it means exactly and no one knows where this will end up. But what we do know is that the amateurism model the NCAA has maintained for 115 years is over.

We’ll have more as we absorb the news and its implications.