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DBR Podcast #316: Fans Behaving Badly

What is going on with this?

Brooklyn Nets Vs Boston Celtics At TD Garden
Boston - May 30: As the Nets were leaving the floor and headed to their locker room following their victory over the Celtics, what appeared to be a water bottle was thrown out of the stands by a fan. It sailed close to the head of Kyrie Irving. His teammate Tyler Johnson can be seen looking back at him as they approach the tunnel. Fans in the stands pointed out who they thought threw it, and he was detained by security, handcuffed, and led out of the seating bowl by Boston police officers. The Boston Celtics host the Brooklyn Nets in Game Four of their first round NBA Playoff series at the TD Garden in Boston on May 30, 2021.
Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
The DBR Podcast crew has been watching the NBA playoffs and we have some things to day about the conduct of the fans in the stands. From spitting to throwing popcorn and water bottles, fans are acting out and it could force changes to the game we love. The podcast crew talks about what is means for basketball as a whole and for Duke (and Cameron) specifically. The guys also talk about the upcoming basketball at the Olympics including Coach Kara leading the USA 3x3 team and the possibility of various Dukies making the US and Canadian national teams. And, the episode concludes with Sam giving us the results of our listener survey. Hear what all of you think about the pod — what you want us to keep and what you want us to change — and find out the answer to the age old question, which of the podcast hosts is the funniest and which one knows basketball the best.

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