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YouTube Gold: Jon Scheyer’s Greatest High School Game

Well at least some highlights of it

Duke v Notre Dame
Duke assistant Jon Scheyer

Jon Scheyer made an enormous impression at Duke as a talented and incredibly smart basketball player. As we’ve said before, we used to watch him and marvel at how infrequent his mistakes were. Someone recently - it may have been Jay Bilas but we can’t remember - compared his basketball intellect to that of Brad Stevens, which is a pretty amazing thing to say because Stevens has an incredible mind for the game.

He didn’t come to Duke and just turn into a great player overnight. Scheyer was pretty dominant in high school and never more so than one game where Scheyer scored 21 points in 75 seconds. If it helps, look at it as 21 points in 1:15.

That’s just incredible. Some of it was on free throws but even so, his team had to get a minimum of seven possessions to pull that off and that would be if all he hit were three pointers. It’s pretty mind-boggling.