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YouTube Gold: Coach K And Bob Knight

Two of college basketball’s great coaches, inevitably intertwined yet very distinct

Army Black Knights
WEST POINT, NY - 1966: Mike Krzyzewski #12 of the Army Black Knights poses with head coach Bobby Knight circa 1966 in West Point, New York.
Photo by Army/Collegiate Images via Getty Images

Duke fans know of the complicated history between Mike Krzyzewski and Bob Knight. At Army, when Coach K’s father died, Knight was incredibly giving and immensely decent, something that Coach K never forgot.

Then later, when the less attractive parts of Knight’s personality showed themselves when he and Krzyzewski were estranged as pupil began to exceed teacher, they didn’t really speak for several years.

But when Krzyzewski was inducted into the Hall of Fame, the only person he wanted to present him was Knight.

In these two videos, the warmth in their relationship is obvious. In the first, a quick discussion of Jon Scheyer during his playing days at Duke, Knight pats K on the thigh with obvious affect. In the second, which was during the time when K was about to pass Knight in career wins, Krzyzewski leans into Knight almost like he actually is his dad.

It’s just very sweet to see how much these icons care for one another and that their respect and friendship endured some very tough times.