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YouTube Gold: The Greatness Of Muggsy Bogues, According To His NBA Peers

Watching him play is still like a fever dream

Duke v Wake Forest
Muggsy Bogues at Wake Forest driving on Duke’s Billy King
Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images

It’s kind of hard to believe that Muggsy Bogues has been retired for 20 years. ACC fans got to see him for four years. We have talked before of Johnny Dawkins pulling up near half court in the ACC Tournament just because he thought Muggsy might be behind him - and the look on his face when he realized he was trapped and wrong.

The late John Chaney once said that taking the ball from him was like taking the ball from a groundhog.

In this video, his NBA contemporaries talk about his heart, passion and courage that allowed him to play in the NBA, for 15 years, at just 5-3.

Hearing these guys talk about how much they respected or feared him is really amazing. Keep in mind that every NBA player during his 15-year career was at least four inches taller and some were more than two feet taller.

Of special note here is a story of how JR Reid taunted him into wrestling in the locker room. Several guys testify to what happened so it’s not a folk tale. The guy was just incredible.