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YouTube Gold: Reggie Miller And Spike Lee

The NBA could use something like this now

Indiana Pacers v New York Knicks
NEW YORK - MARCH 20: Director Spike Lee poses with a Reggie Miller #31 of the Indiana Pacers jersey during a game played on March 20, 1995 at Madison Square Garden in New York City .
Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Michael Jordan basically had his way with everyone in the NBA but one guy he never could figure out, or even stand, was Reggie Miller.

Miller was a pretty strange player. First, he’s the only NBA guy we can think of who had to escape his sister’s shadow: Cheryl was a stunning talent and for quite some time, he was the Little Brother.

His frame didn’t help either: Miller - Reggie, not Cheryl - was and remains very, very lean. He’s probably no more than 10 pounds over his playing weight today. He looked like spaghetti strings in a uniform.

But he was a brilliant basketball player and was a superb scorer.

He was always a threat to personally mount a comeback, usually with three pointers, and he didn’t hesitate to get into it with fans sitting courtside.

Yes, we’re talking about Spike Lee.

Lee, who is far too small and limited athletically to have ever been anywhere near the NBA, nonetheless became a basketball star due to his interactions with Miller. They happily taunted each other and the NBA, and TV, gleefully promoted it. It was a lot of fun, not least of all because Miller usually got the better end of things.