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ACC Recruiting: A Key Pickup For Virginia

Igor Milicic is an intriguing talent

Arged BMSLAM Stal v Heroes Den Bosch - Fiba Europe Cup
This is Igor Milicic Sr. As you can see, Virginia’s newest recruit, Igor Jr., comes from a basketball family.
Photo by Rene Nijhuis/BSR Agency/Getty Images

It’s hard to predict how American recruits are going to turn out so international talents are really hard to figure out.

That said, Virginia’s Tony Bennett has a knack for finding his kind of recruits, whether stateside or elsewhere. He just finds the right fits.

Has he found one in Igor Milicic?

Could be.

The 6-9 native of Poland seems like a guy who is willing to wait his turn and to work to improve. Here’s what he said when he committed to Virginia Saturday:

“I really think that I can fit the team well. My role will be to play and practice hard and Coach Bennett will find a role for me to help the team be successful. I’m tall for my position with a long wingspan and that should be a great fit for his defensive philosophy.

“Offensively they use many off-ball screens which fits my versatility. I feel good getting jump shots or driving opportunities off flare screens, pin-downs or staggers. The plan is to get better each day and hopefully over time I’ll become a key piece of the program. I am going to work all summer to be 100% prepared from day one.”

Sure sounds like Bennett’s kind of guy.