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Duke Recruiting: AJ Griffin On What Drew Him To Duke

He’s one of us for sure

NCAA Womens Basketball: ACC Tournament - Duke vs Boston College
Mar 6, 2020; Greensboro, NC, UCA; The Duke Blue Devils mascot wears a sticker for Blue Devils guard Haley Gorecki (2) during the first half between Duke and the Boston College Eagles at Greensboro Coliseum. 
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

This piece on soon-to-be Blue Devil AJ Griffin is pretty good in general but with one caveat which we’ll get to shortly.

He talks a bit about what he liked at Duke: “When I got there (for my visit), I could just feel the love from the fans. It really felt like a family once I got there. That just made the decision easier. I always had my eyes on Duke, but it just topped it off once I talked to (Coach) Scheyer and everyone there connected in like two seconds.”

There are a lot of things to like about him, but that sentiment should help Duke fans bond with him, too.

There will be a lot of talent in Durham and competition for minutes. His willingness to play defense will pretty much guarantee him his share.

Back to the caveat. The guy (the writer) said this: “Despite their lack of success in recent years, they are still one of the most legendary schools in the NCAA.”

Years? We’ll give him last year but..years? What is the standard?