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YouTube Gold: Charles Barkley Stories

Barkley was, and remains, a singular figure.

Sixers v Bucks
MILWAUKEE - 1991: Charles Barkley #34 of the Philadelphia 76ers looks on during the game against the Milwaukee Bucks circa 1991 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 
Photo by Dale Tait/NBAE via Getty Images

Basketball is full of great players like Tim Duncan, Julius Erving, Bobby Jones and too many more to count.

Basketball is also full of great characters like Rick Robey, Darryl Dawkins and Quinn Cook.

Sometimes you get great players who are also great characters. You won’t find too many who combine the two traits better than Charles Barkley.

This video is a collection of classic Barkley stories, like him trying to eat his way out of being drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, getting up to 302 and failing when the Sixers picked him anyway.

There’s another about him eating McDonald’s breakfast on an exercise bike while his team is practicing, one about how Moses Malone saved his career, another about how he played drunk one night when a trade to the Lakers fell just rolls on.

Barkley has never had a filter and listening to him tell stories, or other guys tell stories about him, is hilarious.