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After Gaudio Charges, Pat Forde Wants Louisville Basketball Shut Down

It’s getting harder to argue

Syndication: Louisville
Louisville’s assistant coach Dino Gaudio instructs the red team during the Red-White scrimmage on Oct. 12, 2019 
Scott Utterback/Courier Journal , Louisville Courier Journal via Imagn Content Services, LLC

It’s still sort of hard to believe the latest turn of events at Louisville which finds former Wake Forest head coach and, more recently, Louisville assistant, Dino Gaudio, with extortion.

It’s the second extortion case for the program in just over a decade and in between those scandals are two major NCAA scandals, one involving escorts for recruits and the other the infamous FBI Adidas case.

So this one has gone over like a lead balloon in the Commonwealth and has had an unusual effect: Kentucky fans get to brag about how clean the Wildcats program is. Only by comparison, but still. Imagine!

Pat Forde, who was with the Louisville Courier-Journal for a good long time, has as much right to criticize the program as any writer, is basically suggesting shutting it down out of sheer embarrassment.

And with three major criminal cases, (possibly) three NCAA cases in a decade, it must be hugely embarrassing for the university and not much less for the ACC. Chris Mack may wake up in a day or two to find that the ground has completely shifted under his program.

Given the dreadful history of recent scandals and Gaudio’s allegations of a new one, you’d have to think that the Death Penalty will at least be discussed. The NCAA may ultimately decide that that’s the only way to get Louisville’s attention.

Unless of course Louisville decides that enough is enough first.