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YouTube Gold: Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd was a stone-cold great passer

Dallas Mavericks v Washington Bullets
Jason Kidd as a Dallas Maverick

In 1993, coming off an epic back-to-back run, Duke no longer had Christian Laettner and were not quite as good.

The Devils were still very, very good, but came into the NCAA Tournament as a three-seed in the Midwest, opening up with Southern Illinois.

After winning that game 105-70, Duke played Cal, after the Bears had knocked off LSU 66-64.

We always felt like Dale Brown did this intentionally and with malice aforethought: he said that Cal didn't have a prayer against Duke and gave them every possible incentive to play inspired ball.

Which is exactly what the Bears did as Jason Kidd led them to a major upset, knocking off Duke 82-77 after a terrific personal battle with Duke’s Bobby Hurley.

In the pros, Kidd was no less successful and proved to be a brilliant, generational passer. He finished with 12,091 assists, good for second all-time behind only John Stockton, and inspired young point guards like few others.

Here are some of his most brilliant passes.