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Duke Recruiting: D-Day For Patrick Baldwin

But does the D stand for Duke?

Syndication: Journal Sentinel
 Sussex Hamilton’s Patrick Baldwin Jr. will announce his decision Wednesday.  
Scott Ash/Now News Group via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Duke fans, and fans of many schools and college fans in general, have been waiting for some time for Patrick Baldwin, Jr. to choose his school and on Wednesday, at 10:00, he’ll do it.

Although he was reportedly down to Duke and Milwaukee, according to most reports, we’ve also seen Georgetown mentioned.

And as you probably also know, his father, Patrick Sr., is currently the coach at Milwaukee, although at least one report suggested he might not be.

Obviously you wouldn’t expect Baldwin to commit to play for his father if he wasn’t going to be there next season so if he stays home, that question is answered.

The main thing to us though is that it’s his choice and while it’s okay to feel disappointed if he chooses another school, no one should lash out at him. He’s a teenager and it’s his life.

So if you’re unhappy after he announces, whatever else you do, stay away from social media or, as we really should call it, anti-social media.