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Happy (Late) Birthday Chip Engelland

As the former Duke guard hits the big 6-0

Los Angeles Clippers v San Antonio Spurs
SAN ANTONIO - DECEMBER 13: Assistant coach Chip Engelland of the San Antonio Spurs looks on from the sideline during the game against the Los Angeles Clippers on December 13, 2005 at the SBC Center in San Antonio, Texas. The Spurs won in OT 95-87. 
Photo by D. Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images

Sunday was Chip Engelland’s 60th birthday, so happy birthday to him.

For those who don’t know, Engelland came to Duke at the end of the Bill Foster era and the dawn of the Mike Krzyzewski era and was captain in his senior year.

He missed his greatest potential as a player by a few years, since his career ended just before the three point shot was adopted by the NCAA. He would have been a much more dangerous weapon with that in his arsenal.

Since leaving Duke he played abroad and then became a tremendous shooting coach. He’s been working with the San Antonio Spurs since 2005 - an unbelievably stable position for an NBA assistant - and has built a reputation as one of the great shooting coaches in the game today.

We’d love to see him work with some of Duke’s guys like Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett (although his coaches have had tremendous results already) and others to sort of keep it in the brotherhood.