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N&O Reports: UNC To Hire Hubert Davis

Hubert Davis has some big shoes to fill!

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NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Wake Forest
Hubert Davis to Lead UNC Men’s Basketball
Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

The News and Observer is reporting that UNC will hire Hubert Davis as their next Men’s Basketball Coach. The Board of Trustees is meeting this afternoon to approve the hire.

Davis has been an assistant coach at UNC for the last nine years. Prior to that, he was an ESPN analyst. He spent a dozen journeyman years in the NBA.

While at UNC, the Tar Heels made three Sweet Sixteen appearances and one Final Four. He was one of several former UNC players interviewed for the position.

Davis’ prior coaching experience was with the Dallas Mavericks, but he has never held a head coaching position.

With the Davis hire, UNC thus keeps it in the family. However, it’s not risk-free hire.

Davis has never been a head coach and no one really knows how he’ll do. The last time UNC made it a point to keep it in the family it didn’t work out so well as Matt Doherty nearly destroyed the program. And while his predecessor Bill Guthridge did well, things were starting to slide when he stepped aside.

So while Davis is part of the family and will be welcomed with open arms by most UNC partisans, he’ll find out just what family means if he doesn’t win enough.