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Gary Williams Speaks His Mind

Fun stuff here from the former Maryland coach

Gary Williams
Gary Williams in action at Maryland

When he was at Maryland, Gary Williams was a great foil for Duke fans and a wonderful target for The Cameron Crazies who usually didn't take long to break into a chant/taunt of “sweat, Gary, sweat! Sweat, Gary, sweat!”

The greatest moment came when he was booted one year about two minutes into the game and assistant Billy Hahn, who, obligingly, perspired as hard as did Williams.

Somehow, his resemblance to this guy was always overlooked.

As we said about Dean Smith, and also Roy Williams, the competitive nature of the ACC, and especially the Big Four, makes it hard to see opposing coaches for who they are.

That was probably true for Gary, too. He was difficult, unsmiling, and profane to an extent that even Duke fans could tut tut about it. One story, possibly apocryphal, had a father ask Williams to tone it down because he had a small child behind the Maryland game. “F*** you,” said Williams, “and f*** your kid.”

In retirement, he’s been a little less...something. He still at times says things that can annoy, but he also says things that are interesting too.

Take these comments from the DC Coaches Podcast, where Williams kind of lets it fly.

He talks a bit here about competing against guys who cheated and coaches who get away with it.

He also talks about Steph Curry’s genius and has some interesting insights on why Gonzaga failed and there’s a great bit about legendary Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes here as well. This is a fun story. You’ll be glad you read it.