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David Rubenstein Joins The DBR Podcast!

The crew gets to sit down with one of Duke’s great leaders in university development.

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY FABIENNE FAUR Ph Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP via Getty Images

In a relatively slow news week, we have the chance to sit down with one of Duke University’s greatest philanthropists and leaders. David Rubenstein, class of 1970 and former chairman of the Duke Board of Trustees, joins the DBR Podcast for a great conversation!

Before we get to David, Jason has some news on the recruiting front about a 4-star point guard that the Duke Blue Devils have recently shown interest in bringing to Durham. Jaylen Blakes, who went to the same high school as former Duke great Luol Deng, is considering Duke along with several other schools, including Pitt. We discuss that briefly at the top.

Then, we sit down with Rubenstein, who gives us a lot of insights on life at Duke, his interactions with Coach K, and tells us his motivation for getting into university development and his philanthropic efforts both at Duke and in Washington, DC. It’s a terrific interview that you don’t want to miss. Finally, Jason teases us with what we can hear on the third episode of Return to Glory!

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