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DBR Podcast Episode #291 - Duke’s Regular Season Ends In A Whimper

And in Chapel Hill no less

NCAA Basketball: Duke at North Carolina
Mar 6, 2021; Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA; Duke Blue Devils center Mark Williams (15) scores in the second\ half at Dean E. Smith Center. 
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Duke may not be playing well, but the Duke Basketball Report is here to talk about...uh...the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Skip the first four minutes if you don’t want tv and film talk.

Getting to the Duke game, we have words of praise for Mark Williams’s offensive output last night, and some disagreement about the macro issues plaguing Duke at this point in the season. We all agree that something is wrong between game-planning, leadership, focus, and/or energy, but it takes us a lot of words to explain how we feel.

After the break, we talk about Duke’s upcoming appearance in the ACC Tournament, which begins Tuesday in Greensboro. Duke opens against a Boston College team that has had an even more tumultuous season than Duke has had to this point, and though BC may not pose an overwhelming challenge for the Blue Devils (ignore Duke’s victory over the Eagles by a single point back in December, if you will), the road gets very challenging very quickly should Duke make it to Wednesday.

We give out our last Player of the Week award of the regular season (guess who?) and celebrate Zion Williamson’s surprise elevation to the starting lineup for the All-Star Game tonight to wrap the show.

Stay in touch with the podcast by emailing us at dbrpodcast at, and we’ll see you again after each and every Duke game in the ACC Tournament this week.