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YouTube Gold: The Best Moments Of The Duke-UNC Rivalry

It really is incredible to watch things like this

Duke V UNC
Chris Carrawell takes it to the rack against the UNC Tar Heels.

The thing is, when you try and cull down great moments of the Duke-UNC rivalry, you have two immediate limitations: first, the stuff you can’t get. It would be very hard to get really good footage of Dick Groat going nuts in his final game for Duke in 1952 when he hung 48 on the Heels.

There was no ESPN or even much regional TV when Fred Lind had his monster game against UNC in a 1968 triple OT thriller.

We’ve also seen minimal footage of the Robbie West game and we’ve never seen video of Gene Banks celebrating the 1978 victory over UNC as the clock ran down.

Which leads us to the second problem: you can’t fit in all of what we do have.

The video we have today doesn’t have Tre Jones’s brilliance from last season or Zion Williamson’s ACC Tournament dominance from two seasons ago. There’s no Bobby Hurley, no JR Reid, no Shane Battier (at least we don’t think so), no Kenny Dennard, no Jim Spanarkel, no

It does catch a lot though: the Art Heyman game, the big UNC comeback where Walter Davis hit the long shot to put the game in overtime, the Jerry Stackhouse dunk, the Duhon Dash and Gerald Henderson landing on Tyler Hansbrough’s nose.

There’s more, but you get the idea. It’s a lot, but never enough.

It should be enough to get you fired up for Saturday though.