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ACC Roundup - The End Of The Season Draws Near

And Jim Boeheim lets it rip again

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Notre Dame
Mar 3, 2021; South Bend, Indiana, USA; North Carolina State Wolfpack forward D.J. Funderburk (0) hugs guard Cam Hayes (3) after NC State defeated the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at the Purcell Pavilion. 
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

In Wednesday’s ACC Action, Florida State whomped Boston College 93-64, Syracuse took care of Clemson 64-54 and NC State beat Notre Dame 80-69.

Some of State’s young guys have really come on lately. Cam Hayes had 20 points and Dereon Seabron had 17 points and 13 boards. He also had three blocks. Both are freshmen.

Jericole Hellems had 13 also.

Since losing to Duke, State has won five straight which is particularly impressive since they lost Devon Daniels, their best player, to injury on January 27th. The Pack has adapted really well to his absence and should be optimistic about the ACC Tournament.

And Notre Dame?

Not so much.

The Irish fall to 9-14 with the loss and as we told you recently, South Bend columnist Tom Noie has been laying the groundwork for an argument to fire Brey. He came out and said after the State loss, pointing out that students were now chanting “Fire Brey!”

Brey was low-key about it, saying he did a poor job against State and probably deserved it.

It’s kind of a winding article, but Noie ends up agreeing that maybe Brey should go.

We’re not so sure. First, you can’t judge anyone by this season. And second, given the amount of player movement that’s coming when this season is over, Brey could really replenish his roster in short order.

So could any coach really. Not too many have Brey’s offensive talents though.

Syracuse beat Clemson in the Dome behind a strong game from Alan Griffin, who had 22 points and 10 rebounds. Buddy Boeheim finished with 17 points.

Syracuse didn’t shoot well but Clemson can do that to you.

However, the Orange only had seven turnovers and just one in the second half. That’s pretty good.

Clemson didn't shoot much better - 33.9 percent to Syracuse’s 37.5 percent.

But Syracuse basically shut down Aamir Simms, limiting Clemson’s best big man to 3-10 from the field for six points.

The real entertainment came after the game though in Jim Boeheim’s presser. Boeheim went into cranky old dude mode and mocked a reporter, saying that “[I]f I’d played Jesse and Kadary, we’d probably be 22-2 now. I just didn’t see that. Couldn’t figure it out by myself after 45 years. I need a reporter to figure that out ... who has never played basketball and is 5-foot-2.”

That’s not going to go over well, not that Boeheim cares. Someone should remind him that Muggsy Bogues is just 5-3.

Down in Tallahassee, the game between FSU and BC was close for about 13 minutes, but there was no realistic way for Boston College to win. The Eagles have lost their coach, one of their best players was dismissed and Covid and injuries have ravaged this team. Jay Heath scored 28 and Makai Ashton-Langford added 14.

That’s about it for the Eagles. They have one last regular season game, a trip to Miami, which means they at least get a few days in Florida to wind things down. They’ll most likely lose in the first round of the ACC Tournament and then we’ll see who stays, who goes, and who the new coach will be.

We should say they could beat Miami. The ‘Canes are just as devastated as BC is. Functionally though, the season is over.

No games until Friday and of course Saturday is the final day of the ACC regular season.

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