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Get Ready For Return To Glory!

An ambitious new podcast series coming from our very own Jason Evans!

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The 2001 national championship team is one of the best teams in Duke Blue Devils history. It was a team that was strong from top to bottom, and they entered the season with high expectations. However, the team didn’t cruise on the way to a title. There were several moments during the season where the prospects of winning that third national championship looked bleak. We even reached a point where the DBR Forums back then had a thread name summing up how they felt: “It’s Over.”

Still, this team overcame that adversity and 2 of the greatest comebacks in NCAA history and won that national title. Now, 20 years later, Jason Evans of the DBR Podcast takes us on a look back at how that team persevered from the preseason to the final whistle in Minneapolis. We’re so pleased to announce the debut of his new project, Return to Glory: The Story of the 2001 Duke Blue Devils!

Return to Glory is Jason’s presentation of the oral history of that 2001 national championship season, and that history is given to us by the players themselves. Featuring extensive interviews with every player on the 2000-2001 team, we get an in-depth look into what it was like to be a part of that team, from the practices to the games to how the team and Coach K were able to find a way to win when it mattered the most.

The first episode will debut on Friday, April 2nd, which is the 20th anniversary of that 2001 National Championship game. And, this miniseries will bring you several episodes over the coming weeks and months. The series will appear on the Duke Basketball Report Podcast, so the best way to be a part of the action and Return to Glory is to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Take a listen to the promo...we’re absolutely convinced that you’re going to be PUMPED to hear more. We’re extremely proud of Jason for bringing this oral history together of the best teams in Duke history, and we’re excited to listen to the 1st episode on Friday!