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YouTube Gold: Zion Williamson’s Latest Monster Game

Having settled in to the NBA, Williamson appears to be taking it over

Denver Nuggets v New Orleans Pelicans
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - MARCH 26: Zion Williamson #1 of the New Orleans Pelicans is called for a charging foul during the third quarter of an NBA game against the Denver Nuggets at Smoothie King Center on March 26, 2021 in New Orleans, Louisiana. 
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Zion Williamson had one of those games Saturday night that, increasingly, only he seems able to have.

New Orleans played the Denver Nuggets and Williamson had a new career high of 39.

It would be one thing if he were just firing up 30-35 shots to get there but as you probably know, he doesn’t.

In this game, he shot 16-19 which works out to an incredible 84.2 percent. That would be one thing if he were, say, Shaquille O’ Neal or Wilt Chamberlain and were just taller and more powerful than everyone else. Williamson is indeed powerful, probably the most powerful guy in the NBA, but he’s only 6-6. No one has ever done what he’s doing and certainly no one who is basically of average NBA height.

He also shot 6-7 from the line and hit the only three he took, grabbed 10 rebounds, had five assists, two blocks and a steal.

There’s one play in here though that kind of sums up Williamson’s greatness and it’s at about the :40 second mark. Denver has essentially set its entire defense against him. Williamson comes to the three point line, takes a step in, and guts the D with an assertive pass for a quick layup.

In just his second season, Williamson is now, if not the best player in the league, certainly becoming the most unstoppable.