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YouTube Gold: The Oral Roberts-Ohio State Overtime

What a night for the #15 Golden Eagles

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Oral Roberts at Ohio State
Ohio State Buckeyes guard Duane Washington Jr. (4) mourns their loss to Oral Roberts Golden Eagles in overtime during the first round of the 2021 NCAA Tournament on Friday, March 19, 2021, at Mackey Arena in West Lafayette, Ind.
IndyStar-USA TODAY Sports

The best individual performance in the NCAA Tournament Friday probably came from Buddy Boeheim, who had a monster game against San Diego State with 11-15, 7-10 from behind the line and one free throw for 30 points. Over on Twitter, David Teel points this out: “Buddy Boeheim last three games: 89 points, 31-48 from field (64.6%), 18 of 30 beyond arc (60%). Seems significant.“

You think?

The best win though is probably Oral Roberts’ thrilling win over Ohio State. It was amazing to watch because first, not many people outside of that locker room thought they could do it and second, watching Ohio State falter and realize Oral Roberts wasn’t about to back down was spectacular.

So to honor the Golden Eagles (sorry, Dude) from Tulsa, we’d like to link to the full five minutes of overtime.

It’s tournament time of course and anything is possible. Even by that standard, this was tremendous.