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NCAA/Covid Updates: Six Officials, One Person With Georgia Tech Traveling Party Test Positive

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And a handful of others

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 25 Arkansas at Georgia Tech
TV Teddy will be watching instead of officiating: Valentine, a veteran official, has tested positive for Covid-19.
Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NCAA tournament bubble hasn’t been perfect but so far it mostly seems to be holding although six officials, including TV Teddy Valentine, have been sent home. Leaving the popular opinion out of it, losing a lot of officials now, including John Higgins, can’t help. These guys are rated the best at what they do and that means that the fill-ins, while competent, aren’t as good. And that matters.

Georgia Tech also has one positive test and that person is in quarantine. It’s not clear if it’s a player or someone else.

A couple of other notes to bear in mind. As we understand it, Kelvin Sampson and Houston will be playing in Indiana’s Alumni Hall for his first visit there since being fired. That ought to be interesting. And speaking of Indiana, we haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else, but with the tournament coming to them, as it were, the Hoosier A.D. could interview dozens of people without leaving his hotel room. It’s the ultimate opportunity to discreetly speak to as many candidates as he’d like to for Indiana’s opening. In that sense, it was a very, very smart time to fire Archie Miller, and even more so if he has solid prospects lined up.

Presumably not Sampson though.

Good guy Larry Krystkowiak was also fired by Utah which is too bad. He’s a good man.

Minnesota has fired Richard Pitino but he had the New Mexico job in his pocket already.

George Mason has fired Dave Paulsen as well.