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ESPN: Duke Could Still Play In 2021 NCAA Tournament....

...but lots of ifs

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Duke Boston College
Mar 9, 2021; Greensboro, North Carolina, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Jeremy Roach (3) shoots over Boston College Eagles guard Jay Heath (5) during the second half in the first round of the 2021 ACC men’s basketball tournament at Greensboro Coliseum. The Duke Blue Devils won 86-51. 
Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN is reporting that Duke could possibly still play in the NCAA tournament.

The Blue Devils could make it as an at-large team or, possibly, as a Covid replacement team.

However, AD Kevin White said after Duke was forced out of the ACC Tournament with a positive Covid test that the season was over and Duke has not commented on this story yet.

It occurred to us that with the entire tournament on one site that it’s also possible to reseed it as events dictate. So for instance if Gonzaga Covids out as the #1 seed, someone else could move up and the rest of the field could be reseeded to adjust.

As of now, everything is just speculation and as we’ve said before, the entire season really deserves an asterisk. For instance, Georgia Tech and Florida State both got to the ACC Finals without playing a full schedule and with #1 seed Virginia out.

It is what it is and we’ll see what happens with Duke. But the nature of the season has been so bizarre that who knows what’s next? The only thing that is certain is that, one way or another, it will end in a few weeks if not sooner.