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The Great Tom Konchalski Passes

Perhaps the finest high school basketball talent evaluator ever

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Lew Alcindor Leaping In Air/Hs Basketbal
Lew Alcindor, later known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, in action for Power Memorial High School. Odds are Tom Konchalski was there.

Well this is sorrowful news: legendary high school scout Tom Konchalski has died.

Konchalski, who was 74 when he died, made a huge impact on college recruiting, for two main reasons: first, he was a superb analyst, and second, he was by all accounts a superb human being.

We’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about him personally, only glowing comments on his fundamental decency, and his deep insights into the game and rising young players.

He helped more people than anyone could list and had measurable impacts on many, many young lives (not to mention coaches and journalists).

We’re not necessarily knocking the people who started to cover recruiting when it moved online but it’s not the same. Konchalski took notes with papers and pen and while he loved the game like few ever have, he also had enormous love and care for those who play and advance it. He covered them, he promoted them, he helped match them to schools and coaches where they were best suited to play.

He was a man of exceptional kindness and integrity who will be deeply, deeply missed.