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YouTube Gold: Zion Pops The Pacers

And damages a rim

Memphis Grizzlies v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Former Blue Devil Zion Williamson is on a really dominant role. He’s averaging nearly 17 ppg in the lane and outperforming everyone in the NBA in that regard.

JJ Redick commented on his teammate recently, saying that his favorite thing about Williamson is that he overwhelmingly scores with his dominant hand, his left.

Basically no one has been able to stop him and the Pacers couldn't either.

Williamson hit 10-14 against the Pacers earlier this week and continued his much-improved free throw shooting with 9-11, finishing with 29 points.

There was one play that kind of stands out though.

Williams attempted a dunk and while it didn't end well, as he missed it, he nonetheless managed to knock the rim out of place.

A crew comes out to fix it and you can see them moving the level around, trying to make sure it’s flush.

It’s not rim-breaking -that’s a lot harder to do than it used to be - but it’s another display of impressive power.