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YouTube Gold: The Austin Rivers Game

One of the truly great moments in the history of the Duke-UNC rivalry

Duke v North Carolina
Austin Rivers, just before he becomes a Duke legend

There are only a handful of Duke-UNC games that are named. There’s the Fred Lind game. The Gene Banks game. Last night we talked about the Chris Duhon game. Last year we had theTre Jones/Wendell Moore game as the two combined for one to remember.

And tonight?

Tonight we’re going to talk about the Austin Rivers game.

In 2012, Duke was struggling in the Dean Dome and was down by 10, 82-72, with 2:20 to go.

Then boom! Tyler Thornton hit a three. Boom! Seth Curry hit a long three. Harrison Barnes got called for a charge. Boom! With 1:05 left, Ryan Kelly, tormented all night by John Henson, hit a two.

And just like that was a two point game.

Tyler Zeller was fouled and missed the first, but made the second, putting UNC up 83-80. Then he accidentally tipped the ball in duke’s basket, making it 83-82 and setting the table for the final plays.

Zeller got fouled immediately on the in-bounds and split again, giving Duke the ball back with 13.9 left.

Mason Plumlee got the ball to Rivers who started right then went left and cut back right again.

He ended up to the right of the key with Zeller warily guarding him and cutting off the drive.

Rivers rocked Zeller back and forth until he was off-balance and nailed a three at the buzzer.

It’s arguably the greatest shot in the history of the rivalry and like Christian Laettner’s shot against Kentucky will be talked and shown for decades.