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YouTube Gold: The Duhon Game

Chris Duhon hit one of the great clutch shots in Duke-UNC history

North Carolina v Duke
Chris Duhon vs. UNC in Cameron

The Duke-Carolina rivalry is littered with great games and both sides have seen their share of exultation and heartbreak after the buzzer goes off.

The best games are unpredictable until the last second and one of the best in this regard came in 2004.

After a back-and-forth game, after UNC hit a three to tie the game 74-74, Daniel Ewing missed the final and potentially winning shot of regulation, putting the game into overtime.

With Duke up 79-78, the Tar Heels lost the ball and put JJ Redick on the line. At that point in the season, Redick was shooting 97 percent and, amazingly, was only in second place nationally.

At 97 percent!

Naturally he hit both, putting Duke up 81-78 with 22.1 left on the clock. The Tar Heels answered right back with a three with 13.5 left to tie the game. Then it was Duhon time.

Chris Duhon took the ball in, went up the left side of the court at a controlled pace then took off and cut towards the basket. He went under it and banked the ball in with 6.5 left.

UNC got a decent shot off with about 2.0 left on the clock but whiffed. A desperation tip missed and Duke walked off with the win.

And Duhon walked off with a bit of rivalry glory that will be hard to top.