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Twitter Gold: Jaemyn Brakefield’s Emotions Go Off The Chart Against Virginia

This should be on Duke’s lifetime highlight reel.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Pittsburgh
When people said Jaemyn Brakefield would bring emotion to the court, they weren't kidding.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jaemyn Brakefield had a tremendous game against Virginia Saturday night. He brought huge emotion off the bench and did as much as anyone to pump Duke up in what is almost always now a taut and emotional game.

Duke used the versatile Brakefield in place of Mark Williams quite a bit against Virginia and he ended up with 11 points, five rebounds and four blocks.

The most important of those was against Kihei Clark as Virginia’s terrific point guard drove for a layup.

On the following play, Brakefield blew by Virginia’s 7-1 Jay Huff for a reverse layup and, as it turned out, he just barely got it over Huff’s fingertips before Huff fouled him. It reminded us a bit of Zion Williamson going up and Huff trying to block his dunk a couple of seasons ago.

But we’re not focusing on the drive, as terrific as it was. This clip shows the drive and then Brakefield’s reaction when he was on the floor, which was just amazing. Hit pause at about :20 seconds. This guy is incredibly invested, as you’ll see in his post-game comments, also in the link.

However, he was a great deal calmer there than he was on the floor.

More, please.