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An Emergency DBR Podcast Is Here After Duke beats Virginia!!

What a win!!

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

WOOOOOO!!! An emergency Episode 284 is here, recording seconds after the Duke Blue Devils take down the Virginia Cavaliers 66-65! Warning: there is a lot of cursing on this episode, and why wouldn’t there be?! We’re FIRED up after the big win, and we show just how pumped we are!

This episode doesn’t have any of the normal analysis or breakdowns of the game. Just pure, raw emotion as we go through some of the moments that made us happy. We’ll break down the good and the bad on Episode 285, which you should find ready to go sometime tomorrow afternoon. We’ll do a full recap of this win and preview the Syracuse Orange game that takes place on Monday night. We can’t celebrate this win for long, but celebrate we must. That was a tremendous game for the neutral fan, and an even better one for all of us who rep that Duke Blue!