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YouTube Gold: Zion Williamson Takes On The Sacramento Kings

And a bit of a Brotherhood Battle

New Orleans Pelicans v Sacramento Kings
SACRAMENTO, CA - JANUARY 17: Marvin Bagley III #35 of the Sacramento Kings defends Zion Williamson #1 of the New Orleans Pelicans on January 17, 2021 at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. 
Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s hard for people to agree on things, especially lately, but we’d guess most people can agree on this, especially around DBR and Duke Basketball: Marvin Bagley is a highly talented athlete.

That’s reasonable, right?

So to see him play against Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans gives fans a keen idea of how spectacularly gifted Williamson is.

Watch here as he - there’s no other word for it - abuses the lavishly gifted Bagley.

He strips him twice and blocks him once in the air, much to Bagley’s frustration.

Williamson also has a couple of great passes here and just, in general, can’t be stopped by anyone the Kings have.

The Kings won though, 118-109 as the Pelicans continue to build around Williamson and fellow Brotherhood member Brandon Ingram.

As we mentioned Monday, the Pels appear to be looking for trades with one scenario involving Duke legend JJ Redick. With a plethora of young players and draft picks, New Orleans has a lot of options.