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YouTube Gold: Instant Notoriety

Dahntay Jones really infuriated people with this dunk

John R. Wooden Tradition
Dahntay Jones as a Blue Devil

When people talk about the great dunks in Duke history, a few pop up immediately: Phil Henderson’s dunk over Georgetown’s Alonzo Mourning. The astonishing Gene Banks windmill dunk over Virginia’s 7-4 Ralph Sampson. Grant Hill’s reach back alley-pop dunk against Kansas on the biggest stage possible. The sensational 360 dunk Zion Williamson had against Clemson. Then there’s Gerald Henderson’s massive, angry dunk at Maryland.

But there’s one that might be a bit overlooked.

We’re speaking of the great dunk Dahntay Jones pulled off against Virginia.

Jones, who was well liked by Duke fans, was really not much liked around The Atlantic Coast Conference. People sometimes saw him as overly cocky, possibly even arrogant, in many ways the best personification of Duke hating since Christian Laettner angered (and terrified) everyone in the ACC and beyond.

So it was one thing for him to take off and launch this massive dunk over 6-10 Nick Vander Laan. But to do pushups afterwards?

That really irritated a lot of people.

Not Duke fans though. We loved it.